Global Warning Image but add a url

I have made a image for my global warning and converted it to hmtl and now is diaplayed at the top of the page ,but how do i add a link to that image so when some one in the forum click on the image it wil take them to the path.

Thank you

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You can surround the image with an anchor tag and put the url inside the href attribute.

For example:

<a href="">
   <img src="yourimage.png" alt="your image">

Thank you ill give this ago :slight_smile:


HI sorry to trouble you,just looking for some help.I have been using Global Warnings for images as i have converted them to html format,and all has been well ,but now the image on Pc shows oversized and also mobile its over sized and stretches of the screen.
Ive used tge same online converator from jpeg to Html,but now having issue just wondering if somthing has changed on the site

Kind regards Mark