Globally pinned topics automatic unpin not working

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It seems on globally pinned topics automatic unpin (when you reach the bottom) is not working. It works fine in category pinned topics.


  1. Turn on the Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom. setting in user preferences interface.

  2. Pin a topic to globally or go to an unpinned one e.g. Welcome to and pin it globally on the bottom of the topic.

  3. Open the topic and scroll down to the bottom it will not unpin the topic.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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It worked for me with the welcome topic at

Maybe it does not automatic unpin again after you manually pinned the topic.


Thanks @Moin, I just checked on and works great. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I think this is the case but I remembered, before it worked like when I pinned it manually than the next visit the automatic unpin still worked. Maybe I am wrong. :slightly_smiling_face: However if it was a change in core this is a good change. Manually pinned topic should unpin manually too. :+1:


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