Go back button doesn't work properly on Desktop Safari beta

After we upgraded Discourse to 2.8.7, we noticed this bug. This bug also exists on here meta.discourse.org .

Here’s how to replicate the bug on Desktop Safari:

First, go to homepage, and then click latest. Now go to any topic. Now hit the back button on the Desktop Safari browser. One would expect to go back to the latest homepage, right? But it goes to a blank page. Now go to latest homepage again, then go to another topic. Now hit the go back button. Now it goes to the previous topic!

It seems this bug does not exist on other browsers, I tested in in Desktop Chrome and iOS Safari and all works fine.

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Hmm, I am not able to reproduce the issue following your steps. My Safari version is Version 15.6 (17613.

Can you confirm you are doing the exact same thing as shown below and getting the issue?

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Yes, i did the same thing, and I can see the bug.

Safari version 16.0 (18614.

Safari 16 is still in beta right?


I am not an expert on this, it just automatically updated :joy: So maybe it’s a Safari bug, not directly related to Discourse?

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An update: this bug is fixed by itself with Safari version 16.0 (18614.


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