Safari navigation issues due to theme or plugin

Hi all,

Some users are reporting issues with Safari on Mac OS and iOS.

Issue reports are

Since yesterdayish, when I go to a thread and then try to go back (either back button on browser or Cmd-LeftArrow) in Safari, the url changes (e.g. to but the content doesn’t update. Not a problem in Chrome or Firefox. I tried clearing cookies & cache. It happens on multiple computers and iOS.

The back button in safari on my iPhone doesn’t work right only on it just scrolls me back up to the post instead of bringing me back to the last page. Anyone else experiencing this?

same for me, a frequent back button user

used to hit back and go back to the list of Latest Threads, but it don’t work like it did do before

So when I hit the back button at the bottom of the thread it used to take me make to the previous page (usually latest threads page) now it either does nothing or it scrolls me up a few posts.

Getting weird behavior in safari on iOS as well, just noticed it started happening last night. When swiping to go back to the previous page just leaves me on the same page and same position on the page, but the URL is correct for the page I swiped back to.

Seeing the same thing with the back button.

this just happened to me but doesn’t always happen to me.

also sometimes i hit back and it should take me to the menu but it takes me to the last thread before i was on the menu.

It’s working okay on Firefox 75.0 on my MBP on Mojave.

Previously reported weirdness is in Safari on my iPad Air 2 running iOS 13.3.1.

ya def an iPhone mobile thing and not a Mac thing in my experience

here I open a thread, hit the back arrow which sorta re-loads page but right to where I was, then I hit another back arrow and I’m at the website I was visiting prior to navigating to Tarck

I have tested myself with Safari (Version 13.1 (15609. and cannot re-produce.

Any suggestions?

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Can you ask any of those users to repro the problem here or at

Does it happen on your site when browsing via safe mode? (

If it can’t be reproduced on a reference site it probably isn’t a bug.


Thank you @Stephen, user has reported that the issue does not occur in safe-mode!

This is definitely something up with our theme and/or a plugin, time to investigate!


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