Good approach for data sensitivity markings?

Hi, my company is standing up a private Discourse instance (using Discourse’s hosting). One unique feature of our community is that we have adopted standardized data sensitivity labels created by a non-profit in our sector: Traffic Light Protocol (TLP). These data markings help our community members understand what content can be reshared and where it can be reshared. The standards have unique constraints like specifying certain foreground/background colors, font size, etc.

Any suggestions for integrating these data sensitivity markings into our instance? I’d like to display the marking at the top of the category and/or the top of each post. Tags work okay but don’t support the required color scheme. We have also tried putting the marking in the post title; this is harder to enforce, and also doesn’t support the color scheme.

I’m still fairly new to running a Discourse instance. Appreciate any replies.

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Here you go

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Tags used on topics can be used to change style via CSS.
They are added to the body class and also as data attribute to the tag.
This way you can adapt visual appearance of tags and content according to your specs.

Another option would be to use tag-icons.


The protocol also asks you to represent these labels in notifications.
You can enable tags in email subjects.

Thank you everybody for the helpful replies! I ended up using this suggestion to write some custom CSS for tags that follow the data sensitivity naming convention:

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 12.09.58 PM

It looks great, and I used tag groups to require users to select a sensitivity marking for each new post.

I love how flexible Discourse is.