Good guide on how to use discourse via email

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I’ve been looking for how to use discourse via email, but so far I haven’t found a good guide. I know there is a mailing list mode, and ways of replying via email (even without an account) but as a user it’s hard to figure out what I actually have to do. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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This topic is probably a good place to start: Configuring Reply via Email ✉.


Thanks for the reply. I did find that link, but I mean from the perspective of a use what does one have to do? (that one is for an admin seems quite complex.)

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Once replying via email is correctly configured on a site, all a user should need to to to reply to a topic by email is reply to the email. Users should see something similar to this at the bottom of emails that they can reply to via email:


Is this what you are running into problems with, or is the problem with creating new topic via email?


Thanks a lot! That answers part of the question!

The other part is from the user perspective what does one have to do to create a new topic via email?

Send an email to the address you’ve configured for the category they want to create the topic in. This implies that you will have configured a unique email address for each category, and IIRC there’s a configuration setting to allow new topics by email.


Yes, creating topics via email is only possible if the site has been configured for it. It’s a great approach for customer support forums. It’s how we have customers contact our support team at Discourse.

On any sites that I’m aware of that allow topics to be created by email, the site shares the email address that is used to create the topics. Details about how to set it up are here: Start a New Topic via Email ✉.


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