Goofed Using Protonmail for Admin Account

Howdy All,

I set up a new Discourse today with Communiteq. I used my Protonmail for the master Admin account, not realizing that it didn’t work with Protonmail. Now I can’t change my email to something else because it is sending an email to Protonmail to confirm, I’m basically locked out of other important functions, like granting admin rights for someone else, due to emails going to my Protonmail.

Does anyone know of a way I can fix this? I’m only mildly IT literate, but I follow instructions well. Sorry also if this has been posted before, I tried searching for a bit to self-help before coming up empty, but those searches are where I discovered the Protonmail issue.

Thanks very much for any help!!!



Have you tried reaching out to Communiteq support?

It does work with Protonmail. I checked the logs and Protonmail accepted all the emails the forum sent to you. It’s probably in the spam folder somewhere?

Anyway - just contact our support using the support menu option in the Communiteq control panel and let us know the email you want to change the admin user to, and we’ll change it for you.


Howdy Richard! First, thank you very much for the reply, I really appreciate it.

Protonmail must be doing something squirrely. It’s a new account, just started it this morning, and only have 7 emails and checked the spam, and there is absolutely nothing. I’m not the only one with the problem, a user on my new forum (Gauntlet) also hasn’t received a single email to his Protonmail, and he’s a long time paid Protonmail user, so I don’t think it’s some new user backside filtering going on.

I will reach out to support now, thanks again. I’ll also reach out to Protonmail support to figure it out on their end.

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