Issues registering an account using either Protonmail or Tutanota

Protonmail and Tutanota email services are free and open source and they use end to end encryption for email services. I am not too sure what is going on but when I am trying to register an account over at a different website that uses discourse, when I have used both Tutanota and Protonmail for registration, discourse claims that it has sent an email to the specified email but I end up not receiving anything in my inbox. I have checked the spam folders as well but nothing turned up. I have even resent the verification code but I still get nothing, which is getting rediculas. I have never had this issue when registering with a Google account. Why does discourse which is also a free and open source platform, forces users to use corproate owned email addresses rather than allowing users to use whatever email address they please to use?

We don’t — if the email is being sent but silently rejected (as spam or unwanted) by the email service, you would need to contact proton mail to figure out why.

Outlook / Hotmail is notorious for silent rejection of email they don’t like, by the way. This is not unheard of.

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But that is werid how both Tutanota and Protonmail does the same thing, even with disposible email addresses that I have used in the past the same issue occurs.

Which service did you use to register here?

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I was registering to ARchLabs that uses Discourse, and I had that issue as mentioned above.

Sure, but which service did you use to register here on meta?

I used a Gmail account.

So have you had problems registering using Protonmail to more than one Discourse site? Did you try to register here on meta with Protonmail before posting this?

You really can’t say that unless you can establish some pattern which suggests Discourse sites have a problem routing email to Protonmail. One occurrence doesn’t make for a pattern.

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