Google ad placement targeting

A specific outside company wants to do a target placement to my discourse site. (I use the official discourse ad plugin, and display google ads in my ad slot(s). They are using Google Ads to serve their ads.

The ads they are trying to display on my site are simply not displaying, even though other random google display ads are in fact displaying in the slots.

Any ideas? We must be missing something.

Additional Info:
I notice this Google Help page about providing the google ad bot access to login-protected pages. I’ve not done this at this point, and I don’t think it’s the cause of the problem - but I’m guessing this might be required for any targeted ads to display for a user who IS logged in.

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Can you email me the page they should show on? I’ll take a look.

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Is this not the ad?

If not, how could someone tell whether the right ad is displaying?

that’s a goog Adsense ad, not a targeted placement ad.