Google AdSense ads not appearing

i have added publisher IDs correctly and Discourse looks like it has added the spacing okay on my site, but the Google ads aren’t appearing - there is just a white space.

Any idea if this is an Adsense or Discourse issue? I added the codes just fine on the Discourse trial, but since moving to a Digital Ocean server and setting up a custom install, the ads aren’t displaying.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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It take time up to 6 hours to 1 day to generate impression from your website on google adsense account to shows ads in your website.

Thank you. But is has been 2 days now.

The requests for ads are getting a 400 Bad Request response from Google, so you should look in your AdSense account for any verification, validation, etc type of problems. If your site is on a different domain after the move to Digital Ocean, then you may need to go through some verification process again.


Use Google Chrome.
Check console log with developer tools:

Check adsense status.


Me too, i wait 14 days but google adsense not effect, can you check help me

My site: matbangchinhchu. com. vn
I verify domain

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