I can't insert google adsense in my forum

I installed Google Adsense plugin

i add the contents im my ads.txt file

I added the google codes

The banner ad appears, but it is blank, no ads! I don’t use ad blocker


It takes some time for the ads to show up. Please wait a few hours and the ads would start displaying. If this is a newly approved site, ads may take up to a week to show up.

The gap in your screenshot suggests that the ad unit is rendering but no ad is being delivered from google at this time.


I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks, but I’ll wait then…

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Are you using sub-domain without Adsense on main domain (plain or www)? You can’t use ads just on sub-domain. Or do you get any other errors from Adsense?

If you are looking html of your pages, can you find adsense-code at all?

Btw, those details you blurred aren’t secrets, you are showing them public anyway :wink:


I don’t use any subdomains. This code is between the <head> of the site <script async src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js?client=ca-pub-5283292745823830" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

I blurred the code, because in the plugin tutorial it was blurred xD

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The three most common reasons are

  • google can’t reach content of a site (is there free content?)
  • there is not enough content
  • there is restricted content from point of view of google (just one word is enough, been there)

But then there should be some nagging at Adsense-page — but not if there is forced signin, because then there is almost zero content for Google, but everything looks just fine for bot.

Sure, there can be some tech-glitch too, like conflits between plugins or some component is messing with CSS. But if everything is ok you should see ads in a couple hours time, and quite rarely must wait more than one day.

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Maybe you facing my problem, read my comment here:

did you get any solution?

Did you manage to fix the issue somehow ?

I can’t get this working either, Google AdSense is saying it can’t find the ads.txt content on my site but I have added it to the setting in the ads plugin? Is there a walk-through in more detail than the official plugin install guide which have looked at but i’m none the wiser, for example, where do i get the code in the blue box in this image?

Try going to your domain and going to https://yourdomain/ads.txt, see if something shows up.

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Yea i get a page of codes that includes the stuff Google AdSense is saying it cannot find at the top of the page

Actually, it has an incorrect Pub ID - but i have the correct Pub ID entered in my ad settings.

Try regenerating your Pub ID if that’s possible.

I don’t really use google adsense, but you could try using the network tab for debugging.

Can I SFTP in and manually edit the ads.txt?

I don’t understand why having entered the correct pub number in the ad plugin setting that the incorrect pub number is showing on the ads.txt file - Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m willing to pay someone to troubleshoot this for me as I’m no programmer and this stuff is baffling to me, how is it so difficult?

What ad system do you use?

You can create a topic in #marketplace if you’re looking for some paid help. That should get your offer some extra visibility. :+1:

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Thanks Jammy - i might have it figured out.

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Okay so a guy i had do some programming for me had hard coded the incorrect Pub- number into my yaml file, so, that explains my issues :roll_eyes:

Are there any good threads on how to maximize income from ads in discourse?

I’m currently only using AdSense, should i add more options? Are there recommended settings for each? For example, the ads at the top of a feed don’t get seen much, compared to the ads at the end of the conversation.

My Google AdSense page views is only a fraction of my Google analytics page views? Assumed it would be smaller but it’s like way way smaller?

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