Chrome/Android issue: Copy-pasting links is not working

This issue likely is not a bug in the Discourse code

But I am documenting it here, as many people should be seeing it and could get a little bit confused. Perhaps Discourse teams has better reporting channels to Google or Chromium.

Currently the situation is that copy-pasting http:// links to a post is broken on up-to-date Android devices running Google Chrome or other Chromium based browser. I have not been able to identify whether the issue is in the browser or the could it be the GBoard keyboard.

Simple steps to repro:

  • Copy a link
  • Try to paste it to a post

→ Nothing happens

But if you copy the URL field content as text, it does work:

  • Copy the link
  • Paste it to Chrome URL field
  • Select all text & copy

→ You can paste the link to Discourse message composer

Here are some user comments and screenshots. We started the topic in english, but eventually it drifted to our native language.


Very strange. Confirmed. The url won’t paste in the composer or the hyperlink modal. But it would paste into my text message app.


Since the bug is already fixed, I think the workaround in the other topic is enough.


When will it be published?

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The fix seems to have landed on Chrome & Chromium.

Copy-pasting a link right here:


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