Google doc links from Google Apps account don't work

(Joel Natividad) #1

They result in a page with Google complaining that the link is not valid.

However, if I go ask for a shareable link from the same Google Doc, the link works.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you provide examples here?

(Joel Natividad) #3

For example:

A public google doc shared from a Google Apps account ( that doesn’t work. It appears that Discourse url encodes the ? for the edit URL parameter.

It doesn’t happen on the get a shareable link version of the same doc.

As markdown link - form 1

As markdown link - form 2

Strange… it works here…

(Joel Natividad) #4

Never mind, it was a user error :frowning: I double-checked the user’s posting, and he must have mangled the URLs when he C&Ped from the browser:

Note the %23 for the URL parm. BTW, does Discourse handle percent-encoded links? (say %20 for embedded spaces)

(Jeff Atwood) #5