Link with %20 gets interpreted as %2520

I swear I’ve seen this discussed here before, but can’t find it, and my instance is doing this (Still? Again?)

When a link which includes an encoded %20 is pasted directly into the text stream, when clicked an extra %25 is added to the front of each %20, making the link invalid.

Of course %25 is the % encode. It seems very similar to this issue.

The link which I’m looking at right now is this beauty:


Roll over the link and you’ll see that Meta is doing it. And, of course, that keeps it from working.

It does work if entered as a link rather than just the URL, but people don’t always do that and are tricky to train…

Of course it would be great if people didn’t put spaces in URL documents, but here we are.

I am on Discourse 2.3.9

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Sorry, what is the original link? Paste as a code block.

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The link is as follows:

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I can’t repro this … pasting in the link

results in:

which looks pristine to me? Inserting via “insert hyperlink” also works OK. Perhaps this was a bug we already fixed?


It does look fixed. If you roll over my link at the start of the topic you’ll see the extra %25’s added. The link you posted in your question doesn’t have them.

I’ll post the link here again to be sure it’s not just something about me…


Yep, that one is fixed! Great work all!