Google Drive links stopped OneBoxing properly on my site but work fine here

This started happening a few months ago, any Google Drive link posted (folder, document, song, pdf, etc) stopped being OneBoxed and just provides the link. It’s given a few different reasons, before it said there was something wrong with oEmbed and Open Graph, I’m not sure when exactly it changed but now the preview window says

“Sorry, we were unable to generate a preview for this web page, because the web server returned an error code of 429. Instead of a preview, only a link will appear in your post”

I wrote it off because it wasn’t a huge deal and thought maybe something changed on Drive’s end. However after the imdb OneBox bug was fixed, I tested a Drive link here and it works the exact same as it always did. For example here’s a random picture

Or as indicated in this topic Google Drive video link does not embed video - #20 by techAPJ

So clearly nothing actually changed on Drive, nor is it a bug with Discourse as a whole. I’m assuming it has to be a setting/plugin interaction/something on my site specifically. Any ideas? It seems limited to Drive. Imdb works now, other hosting sites, pictures, etc. It’s not particularly an important issue but if it can be easily fixed I might as well. All of the options in the OneBox section in the admin panel are set to default