Google Drive not OneBoxing

I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, but it used to function this way and then stopped (like it did for imdb making all links into posters, which was fixed) so I’m guessing it wasn’t intended…

Anyway for a few months now my Drive links no longer OneBox properly. They used to show up as indicated in this post (which was a fix for them not working initially) Google Drive video link does not embed video - #20 by techAPJ

now they just display as just the link, and give an explanation such as this in the preview

It doesn’t matter if it’s a link to a folder, video, specific file, image, etc. none of them function anymore. Is there something I have to turn on or add in the admin panel to get this function back, is it a bug that can be fixed or just a change that was made? All of the old posts that had the OneBox effect still have it, until the post is edited and then it’s changed to the link, so it didn’t retroactively remove them all. I don’t care if videos embed which is what that original topic is about (although that would be cool) just that general onebox format when posting links. Obviously this isn’t that much of an issue since I left it for months, but I was always thinking maybe an update would correct it but never did.

Is there anything in the Onebox guide that can help?

There are a couple of trouble-shotting tips, and some info on the white and blacklists. Hopefully something in there can provide a clue while you wait for more replies. :+1:

Thanks, I checked through there but nothing seems to be the case. I tested one of the folders that used to work on my site and it doesn’t work here either, giving the same error about missing description and image. I have no clue if they ever worked on this site of course, but if it did then I’m assuming it’s not an option that I en/disabled since it doesn’t appear to work on any Discourse instance at all anymore.

So my best opinion is that it was either a change in the Discourse software itself in an update (perhaps inadvertently, as was the case with imdb) or it was a change from Drive in which case nothing can be done I suppose.


Ok so this is a link that was posted in that original help topic (Google Drive video link does not embed video - #20 by techAPJ), clearly it works fine. However it doesn’t work on my site and provides a different error

So it has to be something on my site specifically. It can’t be my Drive account since that’s not on mine, and it’s not Discourse in general since that one works here.

It doesn’t seem to work on mine either. I tried adding to the allowed Onebox iframes, but it’s telling me it’s invalid. I may be doing it wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Kartoon have you tried a wget from the server console? Any issues / errors there?

Interestingly enough, OneDrive has also been affected. The issue isn’t isolated to Google Drive.