Google Drive not OneBoxing

Thanks, I checked through there but nothing seems to be the case. I tested one of the folders that used to work on my site and it doesn’t work here either, giving the same error about missing description and image. I have no clue if they ever worked on this site of course, but if it did then I’m assuming it’s not an option that I en/disabled since it doesn’t appear to work on any Discourse instance at all anymore.

So my best opinion is that it was either a change in the Discourse software itself in an update (perhaps inadvertently, as was the case with imdb) or it was a change from Drive in which case nothing can be done I suppose.


Ok so this is a link that was posted in that original help topic (Google Drive video link does not embed video - #20 by techAPJ), clearly it works fine. However it doesn’t work on my site and provides a different error

So it has to be something on my site specifically. It can’t be my Drive account since that’s not on mine, and it’s not Discourse in general since that one works here.