Google One-Tap Sign In

Can the new login via Google account be something list this?


Thanks for the suggestion @aatishrkamble, I’ve moved this into its own topic so we can track it.

The screenshot you posted shows google’s “One-tap sign in”. It looks like that API was in beta, and signup is currently closed. Once the API is released properly, it may be possible to integrate with Discourse.

We will need to consider the privacy implications. I assume that this system requires us to embed a google iFrame and/or javascript directly into Discourse, and load it for everyone, even if they don’t want to sign in with Google. That probably allows google to track visitors on the forum.

If we do decide to implement it, then I think it would need to be optional for administrators, and default to off.

Once the API is released then we can find out more information.


I wonder if it can be triggered on click, rather than all the time? I see this UI a bunch of places now.


know if it is already available google One-tap sign in

It is not currently supported by Discourse, no.

Was this API released? :thinking:

Looks like yes. I would hesitate to include this in core by default, because it means a call-out to google on every page load. But if it’s behind a setting it could be cool.

It looks like this will require a completely new implementation of the google login code on the server-side, so this is definitely core/plugin territory.