Implement Google One-Tap Sign In

CDCK would like to commission someone to build Google One-Tap Sign In for Discourse in a plugin.


Example implementations in the wild are on Reddit, Medium and many other places.


  • Self contained plugin that adds the feature, ideally leaning on as many existing core site settings as possible. (ideally leaning on google_oauth2_client_id)
  • All code written for this project will be CDCK owned (open sourced with a GPL v3 license)
  • Must be tested on Chrome / Chrome Android / Firefox
  • Must include tests for all server side code
  • Must include tests for all client side code that can be tested
  • Must follow CDCK coding conventions (see existing plugins). Code will be reviewed by CDCK staff prior to hand off.
  • Must implement edge cases:
    • Brand new account registration (you must pick a user name)
    • Technically the JWT can return email_verified false, in which case we need to verify the email
  • (stretch goal) pull profile image from google.
  • Must include full documentation on how to install and configure
  • On and off switch for the plugin, so you can disable
  • Tested on Discourse tests-passed only for now - patches to core to enable a cleaner implementation will be considered.
  • Creator must keep a digital ocean droplet online with the plugin configured, so we can test and validate the work.


CDCK will be happy to discuss an hourly rate based on the skill set of the candidate. Ballpark budget is $5000 USD

If you are interested in taking on this work, shoot me a PM and post on this topic.


@ghassan has taken on the project, will report back


I would like to help


I am also interested in this.


Hi Sam,
I am interested to take this up, sending you a PM


@ghassan has taken on the project, we will report back on meta when we have something to show.


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