Google One Tap Login/Signup

:discourse: Summary Discourse Google One Tap adds support for Google One Tap sign-up and sign-in to Discourse.
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This plugin adds support for Google One Tap sign-in and sign-up to Discourse. When this plugin is installed and configured, anonymous users will see a prompt that looks like this:

From that prompt, they can use any Google account they’re currently logged-in to signup or login (if they already have an account on your site with the same email address) to your Discourse instance.


  1. Make sure the google_one_tap_enabled setting is enabled

  2. Follow the instructions at ตั้งค่า  |  Authentication  |  Google Developers to get a client ID and configure what the login/signup prompt and consent screen look like

  3. Add the client ID you got from step 2 to the google_oauth2_client_id site setting.




Big thanks to @ghassan for developing the initial version of this plugin.