Google Search Console: benefit or curse?


Is adding your Discourse site to GSC a good or bad thing?

Does anyone have insight in how Google search algorithm works wrt to GSC?

  • Say you are blistfully unaware of GSC, and have not added your site, does Google mark down your site and/or give others a boost in search results who have?
  • By adding your site to GSC you expose it to gain GSC issues as they analyse your site. Is all I gain from adding my site to GSC the benefit of being marked down when they determine that my site has issues so I’m actually going to get a worse outcome unless I address every issue they raise?
  • Do these things balance out?
  • Some issues are weird and don’t seem to be related to anything I’ve actually done, e.g. recently received an issue telling me my default mobile Discourse layout has touch controls too close together and formatting goes offscreen!?!