Google sitelinks were gone!

I’m not sure if this is the place to bring it up, and maybe it’s not related to discourse, but maybe someone experienced the same situation and can help.
For the last two years I’ve had beautiful sitelinks on google search results. Unfortunately, it seems that two weeks ago, when I started my discourse and made the subdomain, I lost them. I saw them once again two days after but then they never showed up again. So sad. :sob:
Does someone know something about this?


  • I’m not linking from my main website to my discourse for now (marketing reasons)
  • My discourse is closed, so google can’t really crawl my pages, he just found my discourse login page, I have there a link pointing to my main site as well…

Thank you!

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Since your Discourse site isn’t crawlable by Google I can’t imagine how that would impact sitelinks for your domain… but all I can do is speculate. Similar to everyone else, we try to follow Google’s recommendations and anything that happens on their end is a bit of a mystery.


Thank you. I thought maybe because google found only 1 page on the discourse page, the overall rank of the domain changed (even thought it’s sub-domain) but as you said it’s all a mystery, i guess everything is gonna be ok with a few weeks.

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It looks like I had ssl issue, and had no “https auto redirect” with cloudflare for a few weeks. It was off and now after fixing it my sitelinks are back! Thank you and sorry for the mess

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