Goto New and Goto Latest show different new posts

I use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around Discourse sites including here on meta itself. The shortcut Goto New (g,n) shows me a few new posts whereas Goto Latest (g, l) shows me many many more including both after and before the most recent few visible from g, n. The same problem shows up with Goto Unread (g, u) and Goto Latest

Here are my meta preference settings.

Pretty much the default settings and none that suggest to me why Goto New and Goto Latest should give vastly different results as you can see here in screen shots taken while composing this post.

New is for new topics, so just the first post of a topic, latest includes all new posts.

But those posts are all new to me. And by extension the new posts in a topic are also new to me. So these should show up in one or other of Goto New and Goto Unread!

Hello, Here is the related part from Discourse New User Guide :slightly_smiling_face: