Link to first unread post?

We have a Discourse instance ( and a separate website ( that displays a list of latest topics pulled from /latest.json. Users can click on the topic name to get to the discussion. The question is, where does the link lead to? I have tried /t/:id and /t/:id/latest. The first link always leads to the beginning of the topic, the second one leads to the last post. Is there an option to go to the first unread post for the current user (if logged in) and to the beginning of the topic otherwise?

Sorry, I misunderstood the question! There is no single magic link that’ll take you to two different locations in the topic.

There is, however:

  • a link that will take you to the :arrow_down: bottom of the topic consistently

  • a link that will take you to the :arrow_up: top of the topic consistently


Thank you! Neither of these options work well for us, though. Linking to the first post doesn’t make much sense for logged-in users who have probably read most of the topic already. And linking to the latest post doesn’t work well for… almost anybody. Those who have seen a part of the topic would lose track and those who didn’t would be thrown in the middle of a discussion, having to scroll to the top.

Would you consider adding / accepting a feature that would allow linking to the latest post read by the logged-in user or to the first post if the user is not logged in?

Or do you have other suggestions how to make this “latest posts on our discussion forum” website box work well?

I am open to adding an /unread postfix like we have for /last, feel free to send a PR


Note, there is a subtle difference between these two:

  • latest read post
  • first unread post

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