Grammarly extension blocking Q&A commenting

Is it normal for the “Add a Comment” function to not work yet as the plugin is still in active development? I can’t seem to add comments. Is this like a current bug issue?

No, it should work. :slight_smile:

I’ve just had a run-through on my test site, and I’m getting some unusual results. There is a restriction where you can’t vote on your own post or comment:

However, it does seem to be getting muddled up and confusing my test user for the poster and not letting them vote/comment in some cases. I am not sure of the exact repro steps yet, but I think we should split this off into a #bug topic to investigate further. :+1:


Small update on this: After several confusing and misleading goose chases, the issue with mine is a browser-related one. :slight_smile: Specifically my Grammarly extension.

Do you have something similar that could be affecting yours @KhoiUSA?


Yeah, I do have Grammarly installed, thanks for pointing this out! It works now.

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