Grammarly for Safari doesn't work on Discourse

There is this great Safari extension “Grammarly for Safari” that helps you to improve the text you write. It highlights grammar problems and makes suggestions on how to fix them or improve our text in other ways:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Discourse input fields. The extension gets added to the input field and also highlights the problems, but you can’t click the highlights to get the suggestions. From my usage Discourse is the only location where this doesn’t work, so I assume Discourse is doing something that breaks this functionality.

Any way to fix it?

I was able to reproduce the issue and can confirm that the issue is isolated to Safari.

It works just fine on websites that are not powered by Discourse. I don’t think it’s an issue with the extension itself.

Again, I don’t think this is an issue with the extension. The issue that @Justin_Vega is experiencing seems to be isolated to Discourse instances.

I just installed Grammarly for Safari, and it seems to work fine. I made a few typos, Grammarly highlighted them, and clicking on the popup fixed the typos. This was in the composer. On regular input fields, Grammarly isn’t available at all.

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Yes, strange behavior
When I am creating a new topic all is ok, when I am trying to reply to an existing topic, Grammarly is not working
I am using Firefox.

Can you try to reproduce what @valsha did? He can probably help you more than I can.

And that’s exactly the issue that’s happening!

I guess it doesn’t just occur in Safari… :thinking:

No issues for me on Safari 14.1.2 when writing this reply. @valsha you can try to see if there are errors in the Firefox console, but this works for me and as mentioned above this is 99% a Grammarly issue.

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You’re using macOS, right? I haven’t tested it out on iOS and/or iPadOS.

By the way, I’ve already contacted Grammarly about this. They claim that the issue has nothing to do with their extension. :man_shrugging:

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Sorry, just checked, no errors in the Firefox console.

No errors in the Safari console either… :slightly_frowning_face:

One of the forums I’m on just updated to the latest beta version of Discourse and the Grammarly extension for Safari now works fine.

I’m not sure if the issue will come back, but I think we can now safely confirm that this was an issue with Discourse, not the Grammarly extension for Safari.

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