Grammarly for Chrome doesn't work on Discourse

There is this great Chrome extension “Grammarly for Chrome” that helps you to improve the text you write. It highlights grammar problems and makes suggestions on how to fix them or improve our text in other ways:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Discourse input fields. The extension gets added to the input field and also highlights the problems, but you can’t click the highlights to get the suggestions. From my usage Discourse is the only location where this doesn’t work, so I assume Discourse is doing something that breaks this functionality.

Any way to fix it?

I noticed it too. You can edit but not inline. It must be done by clicking the red grammarly dot.

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You should contact Grammarly team, this has absolutely nothing to do with us.


Strange, it was functioning inline for me up to about a month ago when it stopped. I assume an update by Grammerly broke it. I didn’t bother asking because when I have in the past their response was corporate indifference. One of the cultural attributes that keeps me rooted in and supportive of communities like Discourse. I may not get the answer I want, but I never get a hint of indifference or old school corporate stonewalling.

Inline Grammarly seems to work just fine for me here on Meta:

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My bad, ust noticed I had somehow hit the disable this text field button.

Hover over or click on the underlined text. Do you get the suggestion “popup”?

The options when clicking on the “tesst” will not work. You have to click on the “red # 1” to make the change but it does work there.

I agree with @codinghorror step 0 here is raising a ticket with grammarly. The plugin is hacking the DOM on the browser.

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Correct. Any Grammarly underlines in the first line of text don’t work, as the “hover” is misaligned and one row above the actual underline. You can easily work inline with any issue not on the first line of the composer. As Sam said, this is an issue for Grammarly.

This now exists at Grammarly:

Hi Jan,

Thank you for contacting Grammarly Customer Support!

Please rest assured that the technical team is aware of the problem and they are currently working on it.

Unfortunately, this will not be a quick fix and I cannot provide you with an estimated timeframe, as the developers will need some time to analyze the cause of this issue.

I’m going to close this case, but if you have further information regarding this issue, please reply to this email and the case will be re-opened for further investigation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best wishes,

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your message!

This issue has been identified as a bug. It was backlogged, prioritized, and will be resolved in due course.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a system for notifying customers when the issue is resolved. However, you can always reopen this ticket by sending a message to this thread.

I hope this clarifies the matter for you. And we once again apologize for any inconvenience.

Best regards,


I think this is fixed now already.

Even here with the new compose window, I can now see the popups from Grammarly (even in the first line of text).