Discourse Post Voting - Comments issues

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Post Voting:

  1. There is no way to view comments on mobile
  2. There is no way to edit comments on desktop or mobile
  3. There is no way to delete comments on desktop or mobile
  4. The comments and answers/replies count is incorrect

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Ah, now you’ve gone into a bit more detail I think I know what this may be. :bulb: :slight_smile: Do you have Grammarly installed in your browsers?

Actually, let me just check to be thorough:

  • I can see comments on mobile (Android/Chrome)
  • I can also edit a comment on mobile by tapping the comment to pull up the edit pencil option, and on desktop it appears on hover
  • Same as above, but for the bin icon
  • My replies are also tallying correctly:

Your screenshot also appears to show the correct numbers? 10 replies = 10 answers, and the comments aren’t included in the count.

What device browser are you using, and do you have any browser extensions that may be interfering?

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I can’t.

Neither this.

No, 1 answer + 4 comments
But shows 10

Default android chrome, no extensions at all

I have enabled the plugin and will PM you the url for you to see. Thank you.

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After a bit of exploration by PM it was found that these issues are directly connected to Email replies land as embedded replies, not answers. I’ll close this one out in favour of that one. :+1:

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