Grammarly Android keyboard does not work with Discourse

One of my members has reported that the Grammarly keyboard on Android doesn’t work with our forum.

They use the keyboard to help translate as English is not their first language, so this is an accessibility issue.

It’s difficult for me to test because I don’t have the same phone, but what they have said is:

“It thinks the forum fields are sensitive fields and will not work with them”

See screenshot. Thanks.

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What did Grammarly say when the problem was reported to them?

Your user is not the first with this problem.

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I’ll find out thanks. I guess he assumed it was the site’s problem not the app’s.

We’re not explicitly marking (non-user/password) fields as sensitive, so for us it’s a guessing game as to how Grammarly makes this decision.

They’re the ones best positioned to identify the cause.