Great forum soft


I had been using a PunBB MusicBrainz forum for many years and when the Discourse MetaBrainz forum replaced it, I was very sceptical.
It looked overly modern to my taste. Too much white colour all over the place.

But I was surprised that for a modern forum, it worked very very well in my good old Opera 12 and in a matter of a couple of days I was completely convinced and I find it very handy to use!

And I have always loved Markdown syntax but none of the forums I was on was using it before Discourse. It is a pleasure to use.

Most of all, it works so very well in a multitude of platforms for such a complex layout.
It must be very hard to maintain, or what?

(RĂ©gis Hanol) #2

May I ask why are you still using Opera 12 (which came out in 2011)?


Good question! :slight_smile:
Because Opera 12 has many features that I unfortunately could not find available in Firefox, Chromium nor in the new Opera.