Group API, empty response

(Massimo Redaelli) #1

I have a small program that daily does some work on the groups of my Discourse installation, and to do that it starts by fetching all the groups using the json API:


Suddenly a few days ago this call stopped working. Now I get a 200 response code (the login is OK, and there is no error in the logs), but the response is empty and its content type is text/plain.

I’m running v1.9.0.beta5 +8, but I cannot check if this happened at the same time as an upgrade, because the system admin is on vacation :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughs?

API: Admin/groups no longer returning any groups
(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

We moved this route to

(Massimo Redaelli) #3

I see, thanks!

Is there a list of modified routes?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

It’s very rare to modify routes like that, but since we had a lot of new stuff around groups, this route was needed for normal users and had to be moved from /admin scope.