Group descriptions should allow group mentions regardless of mention settings

I was configuring some groups on our instance and I noticed that, if a group is set as only mentionable by " group members / mods / admins" or more restrictive, it won’t let you use the group tag in group descriptions either even though a moderator/admin is editing the description:

In this case, “DevEngagementTeam” has been set as mentionable by everyone, and “Post_Approval” has been set as mentionable by group members+. The latter mention does not work after updating the group description.

I think it would be convenient if group tags worked in group descriptions regardless of mention settings, because it allows for linking to different groups (click to go there) without needing to set the mentionable setting of the group to “everyone”.

There is a workaround by setting the group to mentionable, then updating the group description, and then setting the group to unmentionable again, but I think it would be convenient if it just let you mention the groups regardless of their settings.