Group administration: inconsistent number of members shown if some members were removed

I only have one group on my Discourse forum. From the group list, it shows 16 members, however the actual number of members is 10, as correctly shown when going to the detail view of the group. Short screencast:

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I confirm. The same bug on my forum in all groups with deleted members.

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Yes, that’s exactly my situation, some members were removed from the group.

By the way, visiting your forum I see that you lost the translation of Termini di Servizio…(benvenuto nel gruppo delle traduzioni perse :smile:)

I have had something like this on my forum for many months, actually… maybe since the beginning. Not sure if it has to do with members being removed from groups, but when I see the groups list the numbers are wildly inaccurate. When I click to look at one group’s settings the number changes in the list and is then accurate. I use the API to manage group membership.

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There is a definite bug here, cached count seems to be getting out of sync sometimes will add a fix.


I’m still hoping! :innocent:

Pretty sure I fixed it earlier today :wink: