Custom group totals are inaccurate (on initial display)

(Adam Capriola) #1

When visiting

The group total shown I think is either the all-time number of members to join the group or the peak number of members to be in the group. It’s not the current number of members in the group though:

After you click the group, the number changes to show the actual number of users currently in the group:

It’s a very minor bug, but it does throw me off from time to time!

(Kane York) #2

I believe someone else was reporting this!

(TechnoBear) #3

This one?

(Adam Capriola) #4

D’oh, sorry! Turns out I was running on a build a grand total of … 4 commits before the patch.

(I’d originally noticed the bug about two months ago and I didn’t see the previous bug report in the “Your topic is similar to” prompt so I assumed it never got addressed and I didn’t try upgrading first. I can confirm the bug has been fixed.)

(Kane York) closed #5