Group message notification email: change "Visit Topic" to "Visit Message"

One of my colleagues pointed out that topics and messages look identical in the email notification, except for the [PM] on the subject line. I’d change the “Visit Topic” to “Visit Message” in the email notification sent out when someone writes a message. Same thing in the helper text below - replace “Topic” with “Message”.


Yeah, this is on our list, part of the overall group messaging / shared email inbox changes – and also for a user with mailing list mode on, they don’t want to visit the topic, do they?


Glad this is on your radar. It came up again today. Here’s more related feedback from my community as I am exploring with them how we can take advantage of messages:

Also, what will it look like when these are pushed to email? I find it tricky to tell who else is included in a PM chain when they are pushed to Gmail. What I’ve started doing is seeing them there and then going into Discourse to check out the context, lest I respond to something that others shouldn’t get. It would be nice to know immediately when it’s pushed to Gmail if we go this route especially for quick readability.

What this makes me realize is that it would be handy to be informed in the email why you were notified about a given topic or message. E.g. as relevant one of the following would be added ahead of the “To stop receiving…” text.

  • You received this because you were mentioned.
  • You received this because your @foo group was mentioned.
  • You received this because you are watching #foo category.
  • You received this because you are watching #foo tag.

I don’t especially like the idea of making this text longer so maybe there’s another way to indicate context, e.g. by adding it to the subject line or heading.


That’s definitely a good idea…!


Continuing in the same vein, I got the following from a user who uses primarily and doesn’t usually log into discourse:

Great illustration of the concern about private messages - I responded directly to your email address because I didn’t know who else was on the message chain (I’m in Gmail right now).

I had written a message in discourse to her and 4 other people. She replied to the email notification … but changed the addressee to my email address because she wasn’t sure who it would go to if she replied to the message via discourse.

She has a point. So for messages, the footer also needs to indicate who the other recipients/participants in the message are.


Sure @techapj can you add this to your list? I would like to see alternate copy here by tomorrow if possible!

To be specific I am referring to the Visit Topic vs Visit Message copy alone, nothing else.


Okay, done :email:


What about this one:

I have a client requesting this one too. It could be a pretty big surprise if someone replies by email and has no idea who is on the message. I can think of some pretty embarrassing scenarios. Such as the reply referencing a specific person, not knowing that person is in the message group.


I believe this is covered by this feature request thread: