PMs appearing in email but not in Discourse

We launched to our membership yesterday. We’re synched with our membership database so that member are given permissions to the discussion groups for the sections they belong to…

It went well but there is one thread that is appearing in email but is nowhere in Discourse and it doesn’t appear like the user sent it from the section they belong to. It comes from- [Canadian Paediatric Society] [PM] Peer Review Survey Link - and I don’t know what the [PM] is.

Any advice?

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PM means “Personal Message”, so the topic is only visible to the people that were included in the message.


Aha. thank you. How do you send a “Personal Message” - just wondering how she managed to it that way instead of a topic under group heading?

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There are a few ways - the easiest is to click the ‘message’ button on someone’s user card (which appears when you click their avatar)

If you like, an admin can disable personal messages on your site by disabling the “enable personal messages” site setting