Group name character limitation

(Haobin Liang) #1

Is it possible that I could customise the length of group name? All groups I am trying to create are over 20 characters…

(Clay Heaton) #2

Can we get this bumped up to 50 characters or something? I have all sorts of crazy abbreviations for groups and it’s getting hard to track what they are. Tonight I was trying to create a group called communication_science. Nope… Too long. :unamused:

Group long names - help give full citizenship to groups for mentions, messaging, group pages
(Jeff Atwood) #3

Isn’t this subject to the same length restrictions as usernames?

(Sam Saffron) #4

Yes it is … all you need to do to allow long group names is to allow long usernames via site settings.

Is anyone using Discourse in higher ed for courses?
(Clay Heaton) #5

Awesome! Thank you! Wish I’d known this a while ago… :slight_smile:

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