Group permissions for specific subcategory

Is it possible to set custom permissions for a specific group that applies only to a specific subcategory? To give a simple example, members of Group A are granted the permission to make any post in Subcategory X into a wiki, but in any other category they would have permissions based on their trust level. Is that possible?

How to use category security settings to create private categories might help.

I read the post and watched the video. It hints that what I want is probably not possible (based on the UI I can see), but it doesn’t answer my question directly since what I want could theoretically be available somewhere else.

Sorry. That’s a strange request.

Yes, you can give access to a subcategory to a group. No, you can’t give a group rights to make a topic a wiki. You could configure the category so that topics are wikis and make the permission so that only that group can create topics.


I was hoping to allow a small amount of management by community members who aren’t moderators. Oh well.


The only other thing is that you could use min trust to allow self wiki to give wiki abilities to those users and trust them not to go crazy wiki-fying every post they create.