Grouped reply notification


I’m having an issue with replies being grouped together in the notification tray from one thread, despite the replies being to different posts.

When I click on the notification it goes to the first reply and I have to find the rest manually.
This is a problem when there are 400+ new post in that thread.

Can we please have the option to get all reply notifications individually?


I have the same problem. If the replies are not to the same post there no quick way to get to all the replies.

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Can confirm. Might a plugin be a way to solve this?


As long as it Works on mobile too.

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I would think this an issue primarily on mobile, no?

I’m mostly on desktop. It doesn’t do it for likes but does group replies.

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Both mobile and desktop.

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I’m no developer myself, but this should be fairly quick to implement?

Any word from the discourse peeps?

I am not really seeing the value in this request, this can cause a single topic to dominate your notification stream, it is grouped cause it gets very noisy if it is not

At the moment there is no option to disable grouping

I appreciate that you guys decided to visit us at meta from your forum, however please add more info here vs, me too

There is an option to get all the likes as notifications.

The value is if you’re in a very active thread and you quickly want to see all the responses, there’s no good way to do that.

Having option is great, so for those who see the value it would be a good way to better discourse, grouped notifications for responses doesn’t make sense.


What about leaving it grouped but making it so that in a grouped instance clicking/tapping it would take you to the detailed notifications page to see a more verbose list. Thus leaving the roll-down shortlist short.


I suppose this could happen but is it worse than scrolling through potentially hundreds of messages to find the reply?

If the information is stated completely already how else are we to concur with the idea? We saw a problem and thought more people would show that this isn’t just one user complaining. More people would have voiced their opinion about it, if it weren’t for laziness.

There are dozens of us.gif

or even just a check box to ungroup

I suppose you can go to your account notifications and click responses but whats the point of the notification stream then, right?


The design here is centered around the expectation that you intend to read the entire topic vs. cherry pick and only read responses to you.

I suspect the root of the issue your forum users are having is that you have an unusual usage of topics. You have topics where you really care about responses you get, but care very little about the rest of the topic. This is a very rare use case.

As you stated, you already have a workaround with notifications / responses that can cover these topics.

Unfortunately splitting even with a fancy 2 click UI would discourage “reading everything in a topic” which is a goal we have and would encourage more reading holes, which are already big enough problems without adding more wood to the fire.


We have topics with 1000 posts a day.

Imagine you’re on Facebook and make three individual posts on a viral picture, now Facebook gives you the notification “you have 9 replies” but clicking it takes you to the first one on one of the replies, for the rest you’ll have to scroll through 2000 posts.


I think we disagree on a general off topic thread being unusual but that’s a different matter. Say even on a topic where it is focused on a particular subject but also that subject matter is ‘hotly debated’. On a forum such as ours it can be daunting (to say the least) to read everything. Lets be honest, even to the most impartial, some posts are just not worth the same to a person as other posts. Had you found our posts worth entertaining the idea, I’m sure you would have replied sooner. So to that end I dont believe thats really relevant to our request as that is the nature of people in general.

What im getting at is:

You have posts on your forum that you really care about, and others you care very little. So to that end I will leave well enough alone.



I entertain many ideas, but I am not enthused in making changes that would cause more harm than good. Optimising for off topic topics is less on our roadmap.

Anyway, the good news is that we have some plans to improve your particular use case.

On our roadmap for quite a while we have had improving the timeline control. It would be nice if you could visually see all replies, mentions, bookmarks, stuff you liked and so on.

One interesting experiment I am kind of open to would be a “collapse thread to stuff I care about a lot”. You would hit that shortcut and it would collapse out all posts that we do not think are “important”. It could show “mentions, replies, quotes, posts you made, posts you liked, bookmarks”. I could see such a filter very interesting on reasonably large topics, especially for a “quick catch up”.


While on that topic, would the plans include making the timeline vertically bigger 'cause otherwise it will simply result in a lot of this:

Also I’m not sure how helpful that would be for mobile users?


Hello there Sam, how is your day today ?

I’m a user of the same forum, registered to share my opinion on the topic.
I can see you don’t like the idea of off-topic threads but they are necessary for user retention. In order for one forum to keep more users they must have “lounge space” where users can post just random things. Not everything deserves to be a new thread but at the same time users of the community want to share those ideas with other like minded individuals.

With that said I do believe that a feature like that but not enabled by default would benefit both worlds. Yours as the default would be as you like it, and ours as there would be an option in “preferences” that would allow this feature.

I am by no means programmer and don’t know how much work/time such a feature would take, but what do you think is this feasible in the near future ?


Thanks for the replies @sam
Sad to see ideology get in the way of usefulness but your forum your way, I can respect that.


Then make it optional so every user can decide for themself if they want to scroll through 2000 posts to find the 2 replies made to his post or just click on one or the other reply notification?

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