Reply notifications disappearing

It seems like some notifications are disappearing for me after the fact (example below). Was there a change that removes notifications if the same person replies again later, or something like that?

Notice two replies:

But only one notification now (even though the old one was there before):

Anyone know what’s going on here?

This is ‘by design’, although I wonder whether this should really be collapsed up into “# replies”, rather than only keeping the most recent notification


Wow, I’m surprised I only just noticed this.

I think collapsing it into a “# replies” notification where you’d still be able to get to all the individual notifications would be good. Or maybe a combo notification where the main link takes you to the earliest unread reply from the group, but I small icon takes you to the whole notification group. :thinking: That would also solve the problem where you get replies in the same topic from multiple people, and it’s sometimes hard to find the later replies to you in the jumble of replies.


I think this all falls under “general improvements to timeline”

We have all sorts of general requests for highlighting bookmarks, showing replies, unread posts, gaps in conversation and so on a smarter timeline widget. Not slotted for a particular date, but something we think about.


I don’t think this is related to the timeline… this is about notifications :thinking:

Sometimes, multiple notifications get rolled up like this


Other times, we simply delete all the old notifications for the topic, and only keep the most recent one (as described above). I’m not sure what the exact conditions are for the two conflicting behaviours.


I guess where I am coming from is that if I open a topic with 500 posts that I participated in, there is no trivial way for me to see all the replies to my stuff or tell visually where they are. What parts of this big timeline matters to me?

I can filter the stream down to “my posts” but still need to do a reply expansion for every post of mine which can take a while if I post a lot.

That said, maybe long term we should carry 2 notification tables, one with rollups and another without and have the non-rolled up one in the user profile under notifications. (and possible expansion in header)

Any solution I can think of for this problem is not easy at all.


Your description of the problem lines up with my experience. Finding multiple replies in a large topic is incredibly tedious and time consuming.

Personally, I like your proposal as well. I think seeing all notifications individually in the profile (with the possible expansion in the header too) would improve the experience significantly. It’s a shame it’s not an easy thing to implement, but hopefully we can see something like this in the future.

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