👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Groups Widget (Layouts Plugin)

In response to @Justin_Vega’s feature request, I’ve created the Groups Widget for the Layouts Plugin:

:eyeglasses: Overview

The Groups Widget allows each user to see what groups they are in on a sidebar using Pavilion’s Custom Layouts Plugin. See the installation guide to learn how to install and administer this widget.

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:art: Theme Styles & Settings

The theme also comes with some pre-installed styles to suit different Discourse installations. Learn more about some of the other settings here.

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Holy cow! His feature request was submitted just a day ago, right?

You guys are fast workers (and extremely generous at that)! Especially when it was a request that didn’t offer any payment!


How is this sitting on mobiles? Around 80 % users are using mobiles.

How could it even work on mobile though?

Besides, pretty much all of the widgets are already made for desktop users only.

And more importantly, where did you grab that statistic from?

From GA. But it is quite normal these days.

Out there is two exceptions: really tech- and consult-dependent niches. There bigger screens have bigger share.

This should not be any kind news today. Desktop selling has sinked so much.

Exacly my point :wink: But it can be solved. Wordpress-way, showing under content, is more or less waste of time and resourses, because almost none will see widgets ever. But using menus or embedding same functionality elsewhere can be done, if wanted.

But then things must be started to do differently. Serving every day same minority just because that was situation 10 years then is a lazy solution :wink:

But I got my answer, thanks. It is just for desktops and because of that it doesn’t help a bit majority of users, so it is mainly just more bloating.

“More bloating” really?

Thanks for your flattering reaction to an open source plugin built and supported for free.

Imho, in any case, you are looking at this entirely the wrong way.

It’s not focussed on providing mobile users with more options, it is a plugin mostly designed to help make use of the extra real-estate when using Discourse on desktop or tablet by adding flexible sidebars.

Skinny phones (and small narrow tablets for that matter) do not make good targets for sidebars.

You prefer to have the desktop view remain just like the mobile view and not use the extra real-estate? Fine, go ahead and don’t install our plugin.

That said, it is possible to use it on mobile, see: Layout Settings - Discourse / Layouts - Pavilion (thepavilion.io)

(written on a Desktop)


You act like nobody uses computers/tablets anymore. If anything, those kinds of devices have been selling the best they’ve ever been due to the pandemic.

There are a lot of Discourse users on mobile, but there are also a lot of Discourse users on computers/tablets.

The fact that somebody went out of their way to create this high quality #plugin for free and in just one day due to a simple and out-of-the-blue request is something I have massive respect for.


If 10 -20 % share is ”nobody uses”, then I’m acting like that. For my point of view you are claiming now that 80 - 90 % is nothing and coders can forget those users.

Well, this isn’t leading nowhere and I got my answer. Maybe this should be a new topic: What is the strongest point in dev: mobiles or desktops.

I never said that developers should forget mobile users.

I’m saying that desktop market share is still significant in today’s world. Both platforms should have equal prioritization.

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Yes, exactly! That’s what I thought too!

@keegan, you did a great job! :+1:


To be clear, the layouts plugin, which this widget built with, works on mobile. You can see this widget on mobile here: Layouts - Try Pavilion


Do all of the themes work on mobile devices?

Hey everyone! Thanks for your support, I hope you all enjoy the widget :smiley:

Yeah I understand that’s often a concern, but no need to worry, this widget is intended to be installed on the Layouts Plugin, which works great on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. See Angus’ note about this above :point_up:

Yes, all of the themes work on mobile as well


Oh, that’s great news then! :+1:

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