Growth hack social media

(Carson) #1

Hi all,

I’d like members of my Discourse community to share about it through their social channels, bringing their friends into our organizations’ community. A few reasons they might do this:

  • High value content
  • Exclusive access to resources through our community
  • Encouragement and ease of use to share on the Discourse site

Any suggestions or advice for encouraging social growth?


i mean, you kind of answer it yourself, right?

:point_up: :point_up::point_up::point_up: if you have that, won’t the users feel compelled to share?

(Carson) #3

I actually think there are a number of ways to approach this problem. For instance, another factor to increase sharing could be to state an aspirational vision and regularly celebrate progress towards attaining it. If there are other ideas besides the ones that are obvious to me, I’m looking to learn.

(Carson) #5

Hi friends, is there a way to create a link that leads to the “Share” dialog opening up? So that [this text] would be a hyperlink that opens up this box:


(ljpp) #6

We use an IFTTT bot that posts new topics to Twitter. I has gained some traction. Some of our topics are interesting to general public (for example player trade rumors).