Ways to easily seed content as posted from various users (startup)

Hey Guys,

First post on here… I’ve been using Discourse in one or two other places now and i’m just about to deploy it for my own site.

Among the various ways that I will see the various categories with content is to post it myself. For this I plan on creating a bunch of ghost accounts to help get the ball rolling. I read that’s what they did at Reddit and seems to be a common approach. That said, it still seems controversial.

What is the general attitude towards that here? Is it generally frowned upon and should I not bother.

If I was to embark down that path are there any tools that would help me? i.e. save me from having to manually login as each user. I am thinking about some kind of “god mode” where I can start a thread under a specified user, where the user is created prior to creating the the post.

It’s a hard no from me. Don’t do it. If you want your members to be invested in the community you need to behave with integrity.

This post from Patrick is a few years old but it’s still relevant:


Yea fair enough. It feels a little seedy alright. My gut feeling tells me to resist the temptation and put the effort into other channels.

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The proven method is to approach a group of people that you already have a relationship with and who have an interest in the topic. Nurture them as a micro-community, building the numbers gradually. Read up on ‘founding members’ at FeverBee for more info on the process.

As the community matures, those initial members can be utilised as super-users for moderation, stimulating engagement etc. More on superusers here.


Agree mostly with @HAWK. My exception though would be with Q&A specific forums (still there, I wouldn’t really advice it).

Plus getting tons and tons of traffic from Paul Graham’s blog. I recommend this article if you want to learn more about reddit’s growth:

You should definitely check out this presentation by Richard Millington (FeverBee) - “How To Reach Critical Mass: 150 Active Members”: