Hacktoberfest 2018 - contribute to open source, get a free t-shirt!

Just came across this:

Seems like a good way to encourage contributions to open source projects like Discourse :slight_smile: Here are the official guides on meta for how to contribute:

Many large projects are tagged on GitHub e.g. “good first issue” to indicate possible entry points for less experienced developers to get their feet wet. I see the #starter-task tag here on meta seems to be the similar thing for Discourse. Perhaps more things could be given this tag?


This could also be a good opportunity for plugin developers to point out some entry points for new contributions.

Personally (for example) I don’t have much experience with Ruby or JS but would be happy to try my hand at things like CSS fixes, documentation improvements, or perhaps a simple task for the WP Discourse plugin.


Sure and @erlend_sh our highest priority should be improving these “getting started” documents as we can, based on any feedback we get. Can you make sure that happens?


Thanks for posting this, I mentioned it on our @discourse Twitter account!

I think we’re a bit low on #starter-task topics right now because we just had an intensive Outreachy engagement this summer. But if anyone reading this knows of anything that they think would be a good starter task, please feel free to note that in a new reply and we’ll take a look to confirm. (I say that only because in our experience “looks easy!” isn’t always the case, depending on what it is.)

And there are probably some simple #bug topics out there that could be solved without too much work, if anything appeals.

Also, new and improved translations are always welcome! See Translating Discourse with Transifex