Half the Images of a Thread Have Disappeared Even Though they are Still Accessible in the Uploads File on the VPS

Title says it all.

Problematic Link: Meme Contest Submissions - Media - Particl Discourse

We are currently running a meme contest within our community and out thread containing all the entries have suddenly made half the images unavailable. Not sure why, but some images are just blank/white spaces now. When I edit the post, the upload links are fine (uploaded them with the Upload of the Discourse text editor), I can download the images fine from the VPS, but still they are broken on the thread.

Here’s the link to the thread, notice how some videos are broken, and then close to entry number 70 entries start to be blank/white spaces: Meme Contest Submissions - Media - Particl Discourse

Anything I can do to restore these? And what’s the cause?


EDIT: Upon closer inspection, the images that disappeared did not actually save in my Uploads folder. Why is that?

There is a highly unfortunate current live bug around this, check with @tgxworld hopefully it will be resolved today.

@ParticlProject Please rebuild your instance in order to resolve the issue. We have a migration job that will automatically fix uploads that have been incorrectly removed.


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