Hamburger-categories widget does not mount?

Yes, as you mentioned earlier unfortunately that guide is outdated. We’re in the midst of getting Ember up to date within Discourse, so hopefully we’ll be able to update our guides soon (or start being able to point to Ember’s documentation more often).

If you’re trying to get siteSettings you can do this

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">

  let siteSettings = api.container.lookup('site-settings:main');
  // example setting


@awesomerobot Morning, This is interesting news. I’m in the process a custom build discourse for a client. Having not used discourse before I was working my way through the docs and everything required seemed possible but now I’m not so sure.

An example of a required feature would be a to create a discourse plugin using a list of categories as buttons inside the hero

Could you help me understand

  • Which parts of the docs are out of date
  • Where I could get an up to date version of creating a custom plugin
  • Where else could I look to get an understanding of Ember
  • When the documentation will be updated, weeks/months?

Then I will be able to feed these issue back to the client

Many thanks