Handling markdown vs html image syntax; seeking workflow advice


My workflow got broken when Discourse updated image uploads from html to markdown syntax. I wonder what others are doing out there.

1, This is what my workflow used to be when typing up a blog post:

  • Write the skeleton locally in a text editor or draftin.com
  • Copy paste into a draft post in Discourse
  • Copy Paste in all images (which generated HTML img tags)
  • Back to a text editor. Search and Replace ALL to go from relative URL to absolute (so it can be seen outside of Discourse)
  • Push the post to Wordpress (draftin does that very nicely)
  • Publish from Wordpress to Discourse using WP-Discourse plugin.

It’s a bit convoluted :confused: , but it allowed me to use copy paste workflow for image uploads and create the master images in discourse right away :+1: .

2, Now, this doesn’t work.

  • Discourse generates markdown imag tag ![image|680x500](upload://name.jpg) instead of the old html.

3, ??

  • Is there an easy way to convert these into Absolute Path URLs so I can pass it onto Wordpress? Less clicks the better.
  • Is there a better workflow in general? I bet there is!

Any ideas appreciated!

Too broad a question it seems. Closing this one, metaphorically, and I’ll re-post a much more specific and actionable question.