Handling spoilers in search previews

By my understanding, the post preview shown in the search results strips out all (or most) formatting/styling. This is usually fine of course, as you don’t really need to see things like bold, and for things like headers and tables it’s just impractical to show them. However, I think this is a problem in the case of spoiler tags. The whole point of spoiler tags is to hide stuff by default. Right now, the spoiler tags are removed, while the text inside the spoiler tags remains, meaning the text may be (depending on post length) clearly visible in the preview. Any thoughts on changing this behavior? I have a couple of ideas:

  1. Don’t strip out the spoiler tags, so the spoiler text would still be blurred. But don’t bother making it toggleable on click, since it’s just a preview and clicking any of the text goes to the post.
  2. Replace the contents of the spoiler tag with some default text. In English, this could simply be (spoiler) or something like that.

I strongly prefer the first option, if keeping some formatting in the preview isn’t an issue.


This would be good, I had wrongly been going under the assumption that spoilered content would not show up in search results, but discovered today that isn’t the case.