RSS feed reveals spoilers

This example post on includes spoilers.

But look at the RSS feed for the general category:

<p>Stupid toy company, spoiling the big reveal in season 3.  Well, don’t look if you don’t want to, but this is kind of the point of thread:</p>
<div class="spoiler">
<p>Twilight Sparkle becomes a princess, and earns her wings.  Yea, it was obvious in hindsight, we have the sun, and the moon, but no stars, right?  And twilight sparkle - obvious, really.  And sure, every girl wants friends and to be a princess, so, you know, it’s really just playing to the audience.</p>

The spoiler appears in a <div class="spoiler"> tag, but, without styles, that does nothing; the full spoiler appears in any RSS reader.

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Marking this as feature request, agree it is a bit of a problem and that we should sort it out.

I guess the simplest thing is just to omit the spoiler altogether from RSS, @techAPJ seems like an easy change can you take it.

Not urgent.


I guess I agree that it’s not super urgent, but I think it’s a “bug” not a feature request.

I like the way spoilers are currently handled in emails: Spoilers are replaced with a link that says “spoiler.”


Implemented the same in RSS via:

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