Happy Second Birthday, Discourse!

It’s been one whole year since the first thread was posted here on Meta!

Whoohoo! :star: :fireworks: :fireworks::star::fireworks: :fireworks: :star:

(Also, yeah, I am a bit early… Close enough, though!)

edit: Screenshot of a new install in February 2014


You beat me to it.
Over a year ago in January 2013 my co-founder and I were discussing that we wanted to build a new project and we started looking out for new technology that we could work with. It had to be new, challenging, promising and fun. Exactly one year ago, we found it when we saw Jeff Atwoods announcement reigning Hacker News. We immediately said ‘yes, this is what we’ve been looking for’.

And we’ve had a fun and quite successful year, where we learned a lot of new stuff, and we met many nice and exciting people. Thank you!


Second birthday! Whooooooooooooooooo


This means it’s almost been 3 years since Jeff and I started talking about the project! My first email to him was on March 7th, 2012!

Time flies :clock2:!


:orly: ?
:discourse: :birthday: ?!

:+1: :yey: !!!

Keep up the great work, ya all! :smiley:

Happy birthday, best support, platform and people here. Keep it up!

And you two did a wonderful job, I have installed discourse the first time I think a year ago just for fun, Now I´m starting a community around it. All in Spanish, and the translation is great.

Keep up with the great job.

Discourse and I have one thing in common, sort of! (March 6th for me)

I am grateful, very much. I am actually very curious what Discourse might look like next year, this same time.

Have you all considered taking a screenshot of the default install every year? Would be nice to keep a little slice of history.

Hm, let me see if I can make one for Feb 2014 through the magic of Version Control.

May 2013

Versions older than this wouldn’t set up right.

February 2014

February 2015


Happy birthday Discourse !
I’m so glad to find this amazing new forum type ! I can’t imagine fo back to other solution now !

Hope your business will continue more and more years :wink:

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